Question: What can I do with old gas cylinders?

When asked if it is legal to trade in cylinders without proper documentation, a shopkeeper said, “There is nothing to worry as everybody is free to buy and start using cylinders as per their convenience. There is barely any check by authorities on the selling of LPG cylinders.”

What is the cost of empty cylinder?

In Bengaluru, the price of non-subsidised LPG for the month of September 2021 is Rs. 887.50 for a 14.2 kg cylinder, seeing a Rs....LPG Price today in Bangalore.Todays PriceRs.887.50/14.2 kg cylinderTodays LPG Price with SubsidyRs.887.50/14.2 kg cylinder2 more rows

Can you exchange Blue Rhino for AmeriGas?

We accept all brands of propane tanks and cylinders for exchange. How much propane is in my new AmeriGas tank? Our tanks are filled to 80% capacity. To allow for this expansion, propane containers are filled to only 80% of their capacity.

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