Question: How does a Pedibus work?

Pedibus is a bike bar tour company that allows you to party and pedal your way through one of the worlds greatest cities - London. You need at least five people to make a reservation, but can request a tour for up to 84 people with multiple bike bars. It costs 25 pounds per person and you pay upon boarding.

How do pedal pub bikes work?

A party bike is sometimes mistaken for a larger-scale version of a pedicab, but it is not, since the party bike is powered by the passengers while the steering and braking is controlled by a driver who does not provide pedaling power. When used in conjunction with alcohol, a party bike usually is hired with a driver.

How much does a pedal hopper cost?

Franchisees can either buy the bikes retail at $44,000 each or be part of the lease program for $1,995 per month, which includes royalty and insurance. The average tour costs $400, with Friday and Saturdays the most popular days.

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