Question: What is High Grade Gundam?

High Grade (HG) is a line of Gunpla kits by Bandai. These kits feature better range of motion and greater poseability than most No-Grade kits.

What is the difference between high grade and Master Grade Gundam?

Master Grade kits differ from HG with their size and detail. MG kits utilize the inner skeleton, which help its articulation and sturdiness. Of course, MG kits have more technical parts compared to HG kits, but all that detail pays off when the kit is finished.

What does grade mean in Gundam?

Grade refers not only to the level of mastery you will need in order to complete your Gundam, but the accuracy of the individual parts. A Gundam of a very detailed grade will be most true to life, er, true to the way it looks on the show. However, itll also be the trickiest to assemble.

Is high grade better than master grade?

A High Grade (or HG) model for instance will have noticeably less detail than a Master Grade (or MG.) The models are also different sizes, with the HG being about two inches shorter than the MG.

Do you need to paint Master Grade Gundam?

The best Gundam models for beginners will be High Grade (HG) or Master Grade (MG) because they are typically easier to build and have fewer stickers and decals. They dont require any painting, so someone who is new to the hobby doesnt have to worry about the fine details.

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