Question: What are some of the major problems in the education system?

What are the major problem of education?

Lack of funds: The lack of sufficient funds is the main problem in the development of education. Outlay for education in Five Year Plans has been decreasing. Due to insufficient funds most educational institutions lack infrastructure, science equipment and libraries etc.

What are three issues in education?

3 Major Problems Facing Education Today… and How To Solve ThemProblem #1: Resistance to Change. Making changes to tried-and-testing learning methods is difficult – especially when the change is technology based. Problem #2: Inflexible Education Budgets. Problem #3: Outdated Professional Development Strategies.

What are the four challenges?

Four challengesEnding extreme poverty and reducing inequality. Transforming economies and the future of work. Ensuring sustainable water, land, food and energy. Preventing conflict and violence and addressing fragility.

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