Question: Who did Funky Winkerbean marry?

And then there was Angst: For every good thing that happened to the cast (Funky married to Cindy, Les married to Lisa) there were two bad things (Funky is a divorced recovering alcoholic, Lisa died after a breast cancer relapse) and one thing that was revealed to be worse than we thought (Lisas teen pregnancy ...

Who is Funky Winkerbeans wife?

Subsequently, the characters aged in real time and underwent significant life changes. Funky married Cindy in 1998; they are now divorced. Les and Lisa married in a Halloween-themed 1996 story that saw them dressed as Batman and Robin.

Who died in Funky Winkerbean?

Funky Winkerbeans deceased Lisa character remembered in Lisas Legacy Trilogy (photos) CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Ten years ago, fans of the Funky Winkerbean comic strip said goodbye to Lisa when her character died of breast cancer.

How did Becky in Funky Winkerbean lose her arm?

What happened to Beckys arm? A. She lost it in an automobile accident following her senior prom.

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What happened to Heart of the City?

Mark Tatulli has passed his Heart of the City comic strip into the hands of Steenz (Christina Stewart). Steenz will be Hearts cartoonist beginning April 27, 2020.

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