Question: Is git fetch necessary?

You can use git fetch to see if there are any updates to the remote branch without necessary merging them with your local branch.

Is git fetch useful?

You can use git fetch to know the changes done in the remote repo/branch since your last pull. This is useful to allow for checking before doing an actual pull, which could change files in your current branch and working copy (and potentially lose your changes, etc).

Should I git fetch or pull?

When comparing Git pull vs fetch, Git fetch is a safer alternative because it pulls in all the commits from your remote but doesnt make any changes to your local files. On the other hand, Git pull is faster as youre performing multiple actions in one – a better bang for your buck.

Should I run git fetch periodically?

Fetch just updates your remote tracking branches and doesnt affect your local branches or working copy, so its safe to do regularly without messing up your work. Its helpful for staying updated when collaborating on a repo with others.

Do I need to fetch before pull?

1 Answer. It is redundant. Quoting the docs: More precisely, git pull runs git fetch with the given parameters and calls git merge to merge the retrieved branch heads into the current branch.

What is periodically run git fetch?

VS Code is able to periodically fetch changes from your remotes. This enables VS Code to show how many changes your local repository is ahead or behind the remote. Starting with VS Code 1.19, this feature is disabled by default and you can use the git.autofetch setting to enable it.

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