Question: Is City Hunter a good drama?

After watching almost all drama acted by Lee Min Ho ,City Hunter is the best drama and i like it the most. Not only the story line is interesting but both the lead actors (Lee Min HO and Park Min Young) is the most matching and perfect couple which make the drama so interesting.

What is the best high school drama?

What do you think is the best teenage/ high school Korean drama?School 2013.Master of Study.Reply 1997.White Christmas.High! School - Love On.Ma Boy.Jungle Fish 2.To The Beautiful You. •May 16, 2021

Does City Hunter have a sad ending?

The final scene is of Yoon Sung driving off into the city night. I heard that some Korean Netizens online have stated that they believe the happy ending is all in Nanas head. *Just to let you guys know because there seemed to be confusion over the ending, City Hunters PD stated that Yoon Sung does survive after all.

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