Question: What does free-for-all means?

: a competition, dispute, or fight open to all comers and usually with no rules : brawl also : a chaotic situation resembling a free-for-all especially in lacking rules or structure the press conference deteriorated into a free-for-all.

What does free for mean?

phrase. If you do something or get something for free, you do it without being paid or get it without having to pay for it. [informal]

What does gloves are off mean?

phrase. DEFINITIONS1. to start fighting or competing hard in order to achieve something. When this happens, you can say the gloves are off With more than five months left until election day, it is somewhat early for the gloves to come off.

What does Are you free mean?

Are you free this Sunday? An alternative way of saying it would be, Do you have anything planned this Sunday? I hope this helped, even just by a little bit. If you need me to elaborate please tell me.

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