Question: Is Simon a Sttgl?

STTGL possesses the power of an infinite multiverse. Prior to the STTGLs creation, Simon had escaped from the Infinite Multiverse Labyrinth, a multiverse consisting of infinite universes, which he became one with to create Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Is Simon the Spiral King?

In the first half of the series, his Spiral Power surpassed the great Spiral King Lordgenome, as stated by Lordgenome himself, and later that of the Anti-Spiral by the end of the series, making Simon the most powerful being in the entire Gurren Lagann universe.

Is Simon omnipotent?

In the epilogue, Yoko explains to Gimmy that he should stop viewing Simon as a God, implying that Simon is omnipotent. He was also able to withstand the blows of the Anti-Spiral, an omnipotent being, in the midst of their hand-to-hand melee.

What power scale is Simon?

SimonDestructive PowerMultiversal+/ โˆž (immeasurable)RangeMultiversal+/ โˆž (immeasurable)DurabilityMultiversal+/ โˆž (immeasurable)SpeedMFTL/Irrelevant11 more rows

Who is stronger Goku or Simon?

Yes. Simon can undoubtedly beat Goku without even expending his absolute power. As Goku powers up or transforms, Simon will probably just create a universe-sized mecha to utterly annihilate the Saiyan.

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