Question: What is the best combination of heroes in Hero Wars?

What are the best heroes in hero Wars?

A Tier Heroes Maya - A great healer. Orion - Great at Energy regen and for the damage output. Qing Mao - Great damage output at max rank, definitely worth investing if you have the means. Galahad - Hes your starter champion, and in the late game he can be very strong.

Which heroes can dodge in hero Wars?

Use heroes like Yasmine and Heidi. They can both dodge and their attacks and skills can get the opponents without them dodging. Phobos Paralysis also works very well on the center hero which could be Dante.

Which Titans are the best in hero Wars?

It should go without saying that these rare units take the pole position, since theyre the strongest of the bunch. Hyperion, Araji, and Eden are awesome in both PvE and PvP. Although Araji has the most DPS, Hyperion is the only titan unit that can heal, which is why most players invest in him to begin with.

How do you counter in Dodge hero wars?

1:504:28Hero Wars | How to Counter Dodge Teams? - YouTubeYouTube

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