Question: Do Medaka eat their babies?

Parent medaka eat fry In the wild, there are many hiding places such as the shadow of aquatic plants, and there are many places to escape because it is in a wide environment, and all medaka children can not be eaten it, but in the breeding environment, parents easily eat all children.

Will medaka eat their fry?

We introduce creatures that can be bred with medaka. Medaka alone is fun, but mixing with other creatures such as shrimp will make the aquarium more fun. Medaka eats their own fry.

Do medaka eat eggs?

Medaka eats her own child. There is not much to eat eggs, but as soon as it hatches, it will be mistaken for food and eat. If you want to breed medaka, transfer it to another container when you find medaka eggs.

What do baby medaka eat?

Daphnia is medakas favorite food. You can use dried daphnia that is marketed at pet stores and home improvement centers, but you also have the option of giving live daphnia without contaminating water and choosing a way to put in a large amount before traveling.

What can I feed medaka fry?

Around this time, Medakas mouth is still small and can not eat large food, but it needs a lot of energy. If you can buy bait for juveniles, use them. Also, it is effective to use live daphnia as food. Currently, live pheasants are sold online, so you can be purchased and given to young fish.

When can we feed medaka fry?

As fry do not eat food for 2-3 days after hatching, we give food little by little from the fourth day after being born. If you give too much food, the water will become dirty and the frying fish will soon die, so give it carefully. It would be best to give a small amount twice a day.

Is rice bad for fish?

Whilst goldfish will eat rice cooked and uncooked it is not advisable to feed them starchy food with no vitamins. They offer no nutritional value and secondly uncooked rice once swallowed will expand in their stomach and possibly harm your fish.

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