Question: Do you have to report bird strikes?

“(ii) If he is aware that a bird strike has occurred, a commander shall submit a written bird strike report after landing to the Authority whenever an aircraft for which he is responsible suffers a bird strike that results in significant damage to the aircraft or the loss or malfunction of any essential service.

What happens when a bird strikes a plane?

A double engine bird strike is extremely unlikely (although a now famous flock of poor Canadian geese might disagree), but if one engine failed due to a bird strike, it wouldnt matter. All aircraft are designed to work just fine with an engine out. Its not just engines that are at risk, when a bird is stuck, however.

Is flooding considered an Act of God?

An Act of God is an accident or event resulting from natural causes without human intervention, and one that could not have been prevented by reasonable foresight or care. For example, insurance companies often consider a flood, earthquake or storm to be an Act of God.

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