Question: Why did Katrina flirt with Ichabod?

Shortly after the dance Brom Bones tells a story about him meeting the Headless Horseman, who rides in Sleepy Hollow every Halloween night looking for a new head. Katrina winds up marrying Brom Bones. It is hinted she only flirted with Ichabod so Brom could propose faster.

What happened between Katrina and Ichabod?

Other than that short exchange of words, Ichabod really isnot in the position to ask any more questions to Katrina, especially personal questions. He, however, becomes enthralled with her and quickly sees her as the love of his life. In the end she actually marries Brom and Ichabods disappearance remains a mystery.

Does Katrina reject Ichabod?

Despite Broms plots to win Katrina over, Ichabod believed he would be chosen as her favourite. After a party at her fathers home, Ichabod proposed to Katrina and was very quickly rejected.

Are Ichabod and Katrina related?

The only daughter of Baltus Van Tassel, a wealthy Dutch farmer, who is courted by several village youths but especially by Brom Bones and Ichabod.

What has happened to Ichabod?

At the end of Washington Irvings “Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” Ichabod Crane disappears after he is frightened by the headless horsemen. A search turns up the saddle of Ichabods horse, his hat, and a pumpkin. The old women of the town believe that Ichabod has been “spirited away by supernatural means.”

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