Question: Can you respond to evenly matched?

If Evenly Matched is activated from your hand while you control no cards, you will control 1 Evenly Matched when resolving its effect. Therefore, the opponent player must banish cards from their field face-down so they control 1 card.

Can you skip your battle phase in Yugioh?

A player entering their Battle Phase is optional after their Main Phase 1 ends, except when card effects mandate it. However, if card effects skip the same players Main Phase 1 and Battle Phase during the same turn, that player cannot enter their Main Phase 2 and must instead proceed immediately to their End Phase.

Can you activate monster effects during battle phase?

Effects that increase, decrease, halve, double, etc. the ATK and/or DEF of a monster cannot be activated at this time, unless they are specifically allowed to be activated during damage calculation.

Does attacking directly count as battling?

Yes, the effect of Michion will activate; direct attacks are included in what are considered battles. When a card requires a monster to have “battled” (past tense), the attack had to have reached the damage calculation portion of the Damage Step in order for the monster to have “battled”.

Is once per turn a quick effect?

The only monsters you can activate in your opponent turn are the Quick Effects, and the most of times, the card says This effect can be activated during either players turn.

Is battle damage Direct Damage?

Direct damage is a dated term which leads to confusion, so it is no longer used. Attacking directly causes Battle Damage. Clock Tower Prison will prevent you from taking damage from a direct attack.

What is considered battle damage?

Battle damage (Japanese: 戦 せん 闘 とう ダメージ sentō damēji) is the damage inflicted to a players Life Points from battle. Battle damage can be inflicted when two monsters battle. If the monsters have different ATK, the controller of the monster with the lower ATK takes battle damage equal to the difference.

Does MST negate now?

MST does not negate cards.

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