Question: What happened to Manu Chao?

Since then, in fact, while continuing to perform live, Manu Chao has practically no longer released records, except for Not only in China there is a Future, dated 2017, eight free downloadable songs from his website and a couple of live albums, always available on his website.

How did Luca Changretta died?

This was heavily hinted at the end of Episode 4.5. One of the assassins successfully tricks Arthur into following him into the changing rooms. After Arthur searches for the man, he is ambushed and supposedly killed by asphyxiation.

Does Luca get killed in Peaky Blinders?

In episode five of season four, Tommy smashed Lucas head repeatedly into a broken glass before his brothers help. Arthur shot Luca in the head after violently beating him, finally putting an end to the rivalry between the families for good.

Why did John get killed off Peaky Blinders?

Joe Cole reveals that one of the reasons he left his role as John Shelby on Peaky Blinders was because the Birmingham gang drama focussed so heavily on Cillian Murphys character. Cole has the lead role of Sean Wallace in upcoming drama Gangs of London due to appear on NOW TV and Sky Atlantic from April 23.

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