Question: What type of fig is Little Miss Figgy?

Ficus carica Little Miss Figgy PP27929 Little Miss Figgy is an excellent ornamental and fruit-bearing landscape plant. With a dwarf compact habit, it is smaller and more cold hardy than comparable figs, yet bears large and more prolific fruits spring and fall.

Where does Little Miss Figgy grow?

The Little Miss Figgy Dwarf Fig is a sun and heat loving plant and should be planted in full sun for best results. Soil should be well drained and moist.

Are fig trees self-pollinating?

Almost all figs are self-pollinating, Marc; the only exception I know of is a variety grown in California from which them tasty Fig Newtons are made. But variety choice is important for other reasons, namely the type and color of figs produced and the number of crops you can expect in a season.

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