Question: Who killed Ben in Resident Evil 2?

In the original Resident Evil 2, Ben was interrogated by Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong, having locked himself in a jail cell and refusing to come out for his own safety. He is later on killed by Dr. William Birkin, as Leon collects the plugs needed to enter the sewers.

Does kendo die re2?

Finally, Kendo met his end after a hoard of zombies broke into his store window and devoured him alive. Robert then took Emma inside while demanding privacy and killed her to prevent zombification. Not long after that, he also committed suicide off-screen.

Who is the main villain in Resident Evil 2?

The Tyrant – also known as Mr. X or simply Trenchoat among fans – doesnt exactly get a formal introduction when he first shows up in Resident Evil 2. In fact, he barges into action without even so much as a warning.

Will Claire be in Resident Evil village?

For the uninitiated, Claire is Chriss sister and has been fighting the battle against bioterrorism as early as Resident Evil 2. Although Capcom hasnt confirmed Claires involvement in the game, some players believe that she may be one of the vampire women revealed alongside Lady Dimitrescu.

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