Question: What does OBJ mean on YouTube?

What does OBJ mean on YouTube? OBJ in a box means that the program interpreted what was as a wildcard character of a Unicode object (U65532).

What does the little OBJ box mean?

OBJ inside a box means the program interpreted whatever it was as the Unicode object replacement character (U65532). Either case means either the message was corrupted during transit, the file sent was in an image format that your phone/app cant handle, or theres a bug in your texting application.

What does OBJ mean in cod?

Support players usually play in tandem with the Objective player and support them. They fill in wherever they are needed, for example, when the objective player dies then the support player will become the new objective player until the player who has died can retake his position on the map.

What is flex in cod?

Flex: A flexible role in which the player switches between the responsibilities of an SMG (sub-machine gun) and AR (assault rifle) player. Usually depends on the requirements of the specific map and mode. Hitmarker: A shot that hits an enemy player but doesnt deliver enough damage to kill them.

What is TDM in cod?

Team Deathmatch, A.K.A. TDM, has been a staple game mode within the Call of Duty franchises Multiplayer experience since 2003. The same can be said for Domination, a three-flag objective game mode that first appeared in Call of Duty®: United Offensive and is in every Call of Duty game since.

Is Dashy a flex?

In a few short months, Brandon Dashy Otell went from being an upcoming player with lots of potential to one of the biggest stars in Call of Duty esports. From his modest start in the 2017 Infinite Warfare season, the 20-year-old Canadian is now voted as the best flex players and snipers in Black Ops 4.

What are the positions in cod?

In general there are four main terms used to describe the key roles of a player on a team: Objective, Slayer, Support and Anchor. Now, not all of these roles or positions are required for each game type or mode but most players will fall into one of the above categories quite quickly.

Is Team Deathmatch in Cold War?

Cold War features Hardcore versions of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Free For all, and Search and Destroy. These game modes feature the same rule sets as their Core counterparts but also feature the Hardcore health system and limited HUD.

What does B mean in online selling?

Definition. Buyers love, love, love these two letters together because it makes them feel as though they can go in with some real purchasing power. Its also a great way to show that youre a seller that truly wants to do just that — sell your product while being open to what the consumer finds is a fair price.

What ethnicity is Dashy?

DashyNationalityCanada LebanonBirthdayApril 19, 1999 (age 22)ResidencyNA North AmericaCompetitive11 more rows

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