Question: Is it safe to throw away junk mail?

Because of the issue of identity theft, it is not safe to throw away receipts, junk mail, and other documents containing sensitive personal information. Identity thieves can rifle through your trash or recycle bin, steal your information, and use it to launch fraudulent and criminal attacks on you.

Can I just throw away junk mail?

You should never throw away any mail with your address on it! You should always shred any mail that has your address on it before you throw it away. A cheap paper shredder or pair of scissors can save you from identity theft.

Should I shred my junk mail?

Dont just toss the junk mail in the trash bin; shred it. Junk mail should be shredded or, in the United States, you can opt out of junk mail and pre-screened credit offers through the Federal Trade Commissions unsolicited mail page.

How do you properly dispose of mail?

Before you toss out any mail or documents containing your personal information (name, address, account numbers, etc.), run those papers through a paper shredder first. Add these revealing everyday documents you never knew you should shred to that list while youre at it.

Is it safe to throw away address labels?

No, you dont have to shred the entire thing, but rip off the personalized label before you toss them in the recycle bin. For catalogs, check the interior order form to make sure it hasnt been preprinted with your name, address, and customer or account number.

Is it safe to put bank statements in recycling?

Do not put shredded paper in with recycling - it causes problems at the sorting plant, and the value of shredded paper is reduced due to the shortened fibre length. Confidential documents (bills, statements, documents showing your address) should be cross-shredded.

Should you shred anything with your name and address?

If it came in an envelope, or anything with an address label, be sure to shred that too, she says. And no, just tearing your mail with your hands a few times is not effective,” Evans adds.

How much does it cost to shred at UPS?

Secure Shredding at The UPS Store is a safe and convenient way to dispose of your personal and financial documents. The cost is only $1/lb with a 3 lb min. There is a price break for larger amounts of shredding. No need to remove staples or paper clips.

Is there any reason to keep old bank statements?

Keep them as long as needed to help with tax preparation or fraud/dispute resolution. And maintain files securely for at least seven years if youve used your statements to support information youve included in your tax return.

Should you remove shipping labels?

Save it as a momento of your order or throw it away? The white label if found by someone else will just let someone know your name and address and perhaps what you ordered. If you dont want anyone knowing that information, then go ahead and remove it.

Can you shred sticky labels?

Because the adhesives will build up on the cutters of the shredder, any item with adhesive backing is not recommended. Such items include, mailing labels, envelopes, stickers, post-its or any material that has a sticky or gummy backing.

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