Question: How old is Jaemin?

Is Jaemin a minor?

Yuta has an older and a younger sister. His parents still resides in Osaka. Yuta has a good relationship with his family and also added that his father is the person he admires the most. Jaemin is an only child, even if he ever wanted a little sister.

How old was Jaemin when he joined NCT?

13 Jaemin became a trainee under SM Entertainment in 2013, at the age of 13, after being street-cast by staff while handing out posters and collecting trash as a volunteer with his mom at an event.

Which Kpop idols are still in high school?

Idols including Stray Kidss I.N, Aprils Rachel, LOONAs YeoJin, TREASUREs Bang Ye Dam, Natures Sunshine, Dream Notes Eunjo, Cherry Bullets Chaerin, Weki Mekis Lucy, Red Squares Bomin, and D-Crunchs Dylan all headed in for their very last day of high school, also wearing the SPAs signature, yellow and navy ...

Jaemins sacrifice of time and energy has led him to success in various fields. He tells all about his life journey so far from the few quotes below. “After attending classes at school, I had to go straight to the practice room,” he said, in the episode of My English Puberty 100 Hours.

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