Question: What is black truffle spread?

Our Black Truffle Spread is a delicious, hearty blend of ingredients including black summer truffles, champignon mushrooms, parsley, garlic, and olive oil. It is perfect used alone as a sauce for pasta, or to give an earthy flavor to cream or butter sauces.

How do you use truffle spread?

A savory and earthy blend of summer truffles with button mushrooms, parsley, and olive oil. With a pesto-like consistency. Use as a spread for canapés and crostini, spoon onto pizza, or use to enhance cream or mushroom sauces. Recommended uses: Use as a spread for canapés, drizzle onto pizza, fold into cream sauces.

What does black truffle spread taste like?

Some may describe the taste of black truffles as a mixture of chocolaty, nutty and earthy and others may describe it as having a subtle woody flavor mixed with a slight mushroom taste.

What is black truffle sauce made of?

To create a chunky, umami-enriched sauce, our artisans combine earthy Agaricus bisporus (European mushrooms) and extra-virgin olive oil with bits of fragrant Italian black and summer truffles,cooked in olive oil with a touch of garlic and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper to create this masterful ingredient.

What is black truffle and why is it so expensive?

Pound for pound, truffles are one of the most expensive foods in the world. This is due to how difficult they are to grow, how complex they are to find, and the difficulties involved in storage. Harvesting truffles isnt an easy task, which is part of the reason they cost so much.

What do you do with truffle cream?

White Truffle CreamRegion/Country: Italy.Food Pairings: Simply use directly from the jar as a topping for crostini or bread, as a sauce for pasta such as ravioli, in a potato gratin, with roast chicken and meats, or even as a filling for canapes.

What is the difference between black and white truffle butter?

While the White Truffle Butter is tasty and has good truffle aroma, the Black Truffle Butter has the more profound truffle flavor. Plus, the black truffle pieces are showier. As you can see in the photo below, the buff-colored white truffle pieces fade into the butter (or the pasta, or the sauce).

Is black truffle good for you?

Rich Nutrition Value Truffles are high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and iron – all essential vitamins and minerals for good health. Theyre also high in protein and fiber. Truffles may even be a complete protein supply, according to some research, as they contain all of the essential amino acids.

What can I do with a jar of black truffle sauce?

How to Use Truffle Sauce: Truffle sauce blends black truffles with fine olive oil and other ingredients (usually mushrooms and/or olives) to make a little jar of heaven. Use as you would truffle butter, tossing it with veggies or pasta. It can also be used as a bruschetta topping.

How do you eat truffle cream?

For distinctive sauces and condiments, may be diluted in milk, kitchen cream, butter, cooking juice or béchamel sauce and used to dress pasta, risotto, grilled or broiled meat and fish, stuffed pasta or as a topping for appetizers.

What can I use truffle seasoning on?

Consider using truffle salt with simpler dishes, like you would if actually had a real white truffle within your grasp (um, lucky you). Risotto, pasta, and egg dishes like plain omelettes, scrambled eggs, or poached eggs are the very best pairings.

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