Question: Is it correct to say as much as I can?

“They travelled as much as they could while they were young and healthy.” Note, that “as many as I can” is also correct when talking about countable objects: “Ill clean the windows tomorrow, I promise. Ill clean as many as I can.”

Is as much as grammatically correct?

Short answer: its technically correct, but slightly ambiguous, and in this particular case, theres a more natural word order you can use. But you asked specifically about as much as, so...

How do you say learn as much as I can?

to learn as much as possible synonym | English Thesaurus acquire, attain, become able, grasp, imbibe, master, pick up. commit to memory, con (archaic) get off pat, get (something) word-perfect, learn by heart, memorize.

How do you use the phrase as much as?

1 —used to say that two things are equal in amount or degree He likes hockey as much as he likes basketball. 2 —used to say that an amount is as large as another amount She earns as much as he does. 3 : almost but not quite He as much as admitted his guilt.

What is another way to say as much as?

What is another word for as much as?whilealthoughexceptbutwhengrantedonlyallowingashowever34 more rows

How do you use as much as in the beginning of a sentence?

As much as she hated him, she could not bring herself to ask for a divorce. As much as he would like to be a famous novelist, he just doesnt have the writing skills to succeed at it.

Can you say much more?

Much more is a colloquial term. It is acceptable for informal English.

What can I say instead of possible?

What is another word for as much as possible?everyutmostall possibleall probableas great as possible

What can I use instead of as much as possible?

As much as possible - thesaurussimply. adverb. completely, or as much as possible.wide. adverb. as much as possible.utmost. adjective. as much as possible: used for emphasizing a quality or feeling.most. adverb. to the max. phrase. as soon/quickly/much etc as possible. phrase. to the full. phrase. (up) to the hilt. phrase.

How do you use as much as you want?

I can abuse you as much as I want. Im going to drink as much as I want. Im allowed to torture him as much as I want. But its not as much as I want to drink. As much as I want to like Georgias, I still like these the best, she said. As much as I want to, I cant be a black rapper.

What does just as much mean?

Here just as much means that you like one thing equally or just as much as the other thing.

Whats the meaning of as much?

If you say that you thought/expected/said as much, it means that something bad that you thought/expected/said would happen has happened: I knew hed fail - I said as much at the time. the same: Go on, lend me the money - you know Id do as much for you.

What can I say instead of many more?

What is another word for many more?far moreconsiderably moremuch moresignificantly moreappreciably moreimmeasurably morenoticeably moresubstantially morea lot morevery much more1 more row

Is the word more better correct?

Neither are correct. better is a comparative form of good, so you do not need to (and should not) say more better: say either: It is better than your book. It is far better than your book.

What word can I use instead of however?

Synonyms of howevereven so,howbeit,nevertheless,nonetheless,notwithstanding,still,still and all,though,

What is a stronger word for quickly?

(Idiomatic) Instantaneous, very quick. In this page you can discover 93 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quickly, like: speedily, flashing, swiftly, hurrying, hastily, shooting, hurriedly, rapidly, rushing, without delay and dashing.

Is Unfeasibility a word?

Unfeasible is in fact the more traditional, being the more popular of the two until infeasible, for some reason, leapfrogged it in the late 1970s. Above is the British usage. (Both words have declined in popularity in American usage, but infeasible overtook unfeasible at roughly the same time in America.)

What is the abbreviations for as much as they want?

Abbreviation for As Much As Possible:8AMAPInternet Slang, Texting, Slang4AMAPWriting, Internet Slang

What is as much as in math?

As much as means that quantities are being compared - much is an adjective referring to quantity. So 60% as much as means for every hundred units of quantity in /$30, the answer has sixty such units. So we could solve this as. /$30 is thirty times a hundred cents, so the answer is thirty times sixty cents

What is another word for just as?

What is another word for just as?asequallyequivalentlylikewisesimilarlyevery bitto the same extentto the same degreeuniformlyfairly7 more rows

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