Question: How do you pronounce macaron Vs macaroon?

Is macaron and macaroon pronounced the same?

Most people do not understand the difference in pronunciation of these two words; they are not both pronounced like “macaroon.” Macarons are French, and anyone who has studied the French language knows that the French do not have the “ooh” sound in their language, but rather an “aw” sound, as in the word “gone.” ...

How do you pronounce macarons?

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How do you say macaroons in French?

MacarOOns (pronounce like broom or room) are shown in photo below.

Are macarons crunchy or soft?

A macaron (mack-a-rohn) is a french cookie made from almond flour, sugar and egg whites. It has a delicate crispy shell and a soft and chewy center. A macaron is not very sweet and is often varied in flavors and colors.

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