Question: Can you live comfortably as a firefighter?

Yes, you can make a good living and live comfortably on a firefighters salary, however, your lifestyle will vary based on the area you work and the overall cost of living.

Does being a firefighter shorten your life?

There have been many studies done on firefighters and their life expectancy/mortality. Although firefighters seem to be at a greater risk for certain types of cancer, firefighters do not appear to have a shorter life expectancy or increased rate of mortality compared to the general public.

How many vacation days do firefighters get?

5:05 During the calendar year in which a Firefighter completes fifteen (15) years continuous service and in each subsequent year, he/she shall be entitled to five (5) weeks vacation, including the Sundays that occur within that period.

Is 23 too old to become a firefighter?

You can become a professional firefighter after 30, 40, or even 50 at some fire departments. There are departments that have upper age limits between 28 and 40, while others have no upper age requirements for firefighters. There are usually no upper age limits to be a volunteer firefighter.

Is it hard to get into fire academy?

Getting into a college fire academy is relatively easy. There may be a few simple prerequisites, but it is usually first-come, first-serve. So, you just need to find out when they accept applications and sign up quickly. If you dont get in, they sometimes have a waiting list.

Do firefighters quit?

Firefighters in California are quitting their jobs because of incredibly low wages and a lack of benefits as three major fires rage in Californias Inland Empire, Central Valley, and the California-Oregon border. So the actual living conditions, coupled with the wages, its pretty terrible.

Why was Polk fire fired?

The volunteers reportedly chose to quit due to the firing of Randy Lacey as Polk County fire chief. County Manager Matt Denton said Lacey was fired due to an allegation by the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund that it received falsified information from the department.

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