Question: Is there an All You Need Is Kill anime?

There are now seven volumes in the series, and it was adapted as a manga in 2008 and as a television anime series in 2009. Sakurazaka published All You Need Is Kill with Super Dash Bunko in 2004 and with it earned his first Seiun Award nomination for best of the year honors in Japanese science fiction.

Is Edge of Tomorrow based on an anime?

Edge of Tomorrow is an action movie based on the manga All you need is kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Both stories surround a private in the United Defense Force (UDF), fighting against an alien race that invades Earth.

Is Edge of Tomorrow a book?

Edge of Tomorrow, a 2014 science fiction film based on the book All You Need Is Kill. The Edge of Tomorrow (Dooley book), a 1958 book by Thomas A. Dooley. Edge of Tomorrow, originally All You Need Is Kill, a 2004 novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

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