Question: What is a fluctuating cycle?

In population ecology: Population fluctuation. As stated above, populations rarely grow smoothly up to the carrying capacity and then remain there. Instead, fluctuations in population numbers, abundance, or density from one time step to the next are the norm. Population cycles make up a special type of population…In population ecology: Population fluctuation

Can carrying capacity fluctuate?

Carrying capacity fluctuations can be chaotic. These are erratic fluctuations around K, often due to environmental factors that have an immediate impact on population size. Disease and natural disasters may cause chaotic fluctuations. Fluctuations around K can also be cyclical.

What causes cyclic population growth?

Causes and characteristics of population cycles The requirements for cyclic dynamics are straightforward; a high reproductive rate to allow the population increase, density-related mortality to slow and stop the increase, and a prolonged negative condition to delay the recovery of the population [5].

What is an example of a population cycle?

Some of the best examples of population cycles in animals are described from the boreal forest regions; for example, lynx (Lynx canadensis), snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus), arctic ground squirrels (Spermophylus parryi), red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonius), and boreal red-backed vole (Clethrionomys rutilus) in ...

Why do population grow more slowly as they approach their carrying capacity?

As the population nears the carrying capacity, population growth slows significantly. The logistic growth model reflects the natural tension between reproduction, which increases a populations size, and resource availability, which limits a populations size.

What is the key ideas of population cycle?

A population cycle in zoology is a phenomenon where populations rise and fall over a predictable period of time. There are some species where population numbers have reasonably predictable patterns of change although the full reasons for population cycles is one of the major unsolved ecological problems.

What is another name for the population cycle?

The demographic cycle, or population cycle, refers to the evolution over time of the population profile of a country, region or other defined geographical area.

What is fluctuating capital method?

Fluctuating Capital method is that method of keeping the account of the partners in which the capital in the account of the partner keep fluctuating. Apart from the initial investment, the account of the partner is also credited with additional capital during the year.

What are the 4 factors that affect population?

Population growth is based on four fundamental factors: birth rate, death rate, immigration, and emigration.

What happens when a population approaches its carrying capacity?

As population size approaches the carrying capacity of the environment, the intensity of density-dependent factors increases. For example, competition for resources, predation, and rates of infection increase with population density and can eventually limit population size.

What are the limiting factors that affect the population growth?

Limiting factors are resources or other factors in the environment that can lower the population growth rate. Limiting factors include a low food supply and lack of space. Limiting factors can lower birth rates, increase death rates, or lead to emigration.

What is fluctuating capital answer in one sentence?

Under fluctuating capital method, the capital of the partners does not remain fixed but changes with each and every transaction. In this method, only one account i.e. Capital Account is maintained for each partner.

What is the difference between fixed and fluctuating capital?

Fixed Assets and Current Assets....Difference between Fixed Capital Account and Fluctuating Capital Account.Fixed Capital AccountFluctuating Capital AccountFixed capital account has two accounts which are capital account and current accountOnly one account that is capital accountCapital Account status6 more rows•8 Sep 2021

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