Question: Who owns Beyblade Eagle?

TAKARA TOMY Hasbro Earth Eagle Aquila 145WD Metal Fusion Beyblade BB-47.

How does Tsubasa have dark power?

In Beyblade Metal Masters, Tsubasa gets overrun with dark power provided by Ryuga. Episode 61 showed Tsubasa face off against Chi-yun in an attempt to move team GanGan Galaxy farther along in the Beyblade World Championships. In this match, Tsubasas dark power takes over, yet he ends up losing.

Why did Tsubasa go crazy?

Tsubasa is eventually able to overcome his dark side and win the battle as himself. Tsubasa is shown to be a very skilled blader, but his dark side causes him to be crazy and out of control, something that greatly affects his performance. Tsubasa has a pet eagle friend, whom is very loyal to him.

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