Question: Are open plan offices a good idea?

Open plan offices are said to enhance communication, teamwork, and innovation - however, they arent for everyone. While open plan offices can be a great way to stimulate productivity and collaboration, they may also hinder an employees work performance.

What are the advantages of a closed plan office?

Closed offices Advantages: Privacy: employees can enjoy complete privacy, take a phone call, conduct meetings. Concentration: facilitate concentration by shielding from distractions, fewer interruptions and reducing the surrounding noise. Space: closed offices often offer a larger work area.

Where should a manager sit in an open plan office?

Even at offices where “hot desking” is not the norm, open office plans often place the boss right next to his or her employees. This represents a change in the social structure for many organizations, Hertz said.

Why are companies getting rid of cubicles?

A growing number of companies are packing their workers into ever smaller workspaces. Theyre ditching offices and cubicles in favor of a more open office plan. Some companies say theyre creating a hipper, more collaborative work environment. But there may be an even more important strategy in play: cost-cutting.

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